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As a Creative Brand Strategist, I concept, plan and execute the strategic vision for some of the biggest brands in the world.

I help brands grow by uncovering the powerful truths and insights needed for real distinction. I have a strong foundation in digital and new media. So, I’m able to bring a unique perspective to projects ranging from social media campaigns to long-term business strategies. I believe in listening more than talking, asking the tough questions and getting my hands dirty as much as possible—not just in the beginning, from the brief all the way through the case study.

Here's another way to think about what I do: I'm a fence builder. I carve out unique spaces for brands to roam around in. These bespoke pastures, if you will, keep the herd focused and safe instead of aimlessly wandering around or getting eaten. I choose the size and shape of each fence based on truths and insights—uncovered through first-hand research, consumer immersion and business goals. I always prefer to make my fences elastic—wrestling ring style—so that as new information comes in, the fences can be stretched and reshaped accordingly.

Some of my recent clients include: Formula 1 Racing, Nike Basketball, RXBar, Nike Football, Nike Global Brand, Nike Golf, Beats by Dre, Google, Lululemon, Red Bull and Youtube.

As a Human Being, I'm an average guy with an above average amount of curiosity (skepticism).

I'm a builder. I like to create things with my hands, experiment and fix stuff that's broken. I have a couple old motorcycles that I tinker on and drive too fast. I'm a hoops addict—I play, watch and photograph the game. I build and restore furniture—it's amazing how rewarding it is to make something from nothing or give new life to a worn out bit of wood. I like to think I'm a decent photographer. You can find me wandering around, looking through the lens of my grandfather's old 35mm Olympus. In fact, some of my favorite shots are posted here, in the 35mm section of this very website.

Enough about me.