Alternative Apparel is all about the fabric. Their soft, lived-in, textiles are why people love the brand. We needed to let people feel that difference... on the internet.

How the hell do you allow customers to feel a shirt from the comfort of their smartphone? Luckily for us, we found that it was less about feeling a shirt and more about feeling confident in what that shit was. So, the first step was to instill confidence in people's purchase decisions by creating features that make things crystal clear. Clear enough to know that the piece they're considering is exactly what they need. For us, that meant re-inventing sizing tools, focusing the photography on the texture—using tight crops and macro shots that highlight every single detail. And finally, showing every piece of clothing in it's natural state, as a real person would use it in real life—not floating in space or slapped on mannequins or draped over a hollow man.

My contribution:

  • Consumer research
  • Brand strategy
  • E-commerece strategy
  • Social strategy