Today's children are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. We teamed with Nike's Access to Sport division to expose that truth and offer potential solutions. 

We transformed a 142-page academic report into a compelling digital experience. Focused on keeping users engaged, we uncovered the important issues along the way – culminating with actionable opportunities for change.

We emphasized the urgency of the issue to inspire action and made it easy for users to download the full report, share it socially, or simply find ways to inspire change.

The site debuted on September 23, 2012, quickly spreading across media entities such as Forbes and Fast Company. In addition, was recognized on siteInspire for responsive design, typographic and infographic elements.

My contribution:

  • Produced the first two phases of the project (from concept to deployment)
  • Established a content hierarchy and organizational framework 
  • Worked across categories at Nike to develop a social media strategy
  • Teamed with PR and other media outlets to spread the word