We partnered with an 80 year-old design consultancy to reinvent their digital presence, showcase an amazing portfolio and celebrate a rich history. 

Teague has been a titan of the design industry since 1926. Their iconic creations range from the Kodak Brownie camera, to the Pringles can — not to mention every Boeing commercial airplane interior.

We needed to give them something as beautiful and functional as the work they create. We started the process by conducting employee interviews to establish an understanding of the company vision. Then, we used that information to build a content strategy that focused on the future of design while celebrating Teague’s ridiculously impressive history.

What emerged was a fully-responsive experience that showcases Teague’s work, their dedication to relationships, and most importantly, the people that make it all possible.

In addition, Teague asked us to tell some stories about their longest and most fruitful client relationships. So, we wrote, directed and produced three short videos that kicked off our custom interactive case studies.  

My contribution:

  • Led digital and content strategy 
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews to extract insights
  • Helped concept and write the interactive case studies for Boeing, Kodak and Microsoft
  • Organized communication hierarchy across the experience
  • Created a best practices playbook for improving social integration