Robin Williams

It's amazing how many people came out of the woodwork to say something about Robin Williams. My Instagram and Twitter feed were literally taken over with RW comments.

Even Apple had something to say.

My point is not to take away from the celebration of Robin’s life, he was an extraordinary man. Nor is it to accuse people of being bandwagon fans. My point is to kick-off a larger discussion I started with a co-worker this week.

We live in a constant state of publishing. The internet has forced people, and brands for that matter, into believing they need to have a point-of-view on everything that happens.

That is not true.

Saying something for the sake of being heard isn’t the best use of our publishing power. And yes, individual publishing is powerful.

I’m guilty too. That being said, I’m making a conscious effort to choose my points wisely and only talk when I have something worth saying. Imagine how much trouble could be avoided if more people stopped to think before Tweeting (insert any number of pro athletes).

Think before you Tweet.